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Songs were written in 2010 following the aftermath of 2 messy splits and panic attacks.


released August 2, 2011

Mix and Mastered at "Flying Tiger Sound" Raleigh NC



all rights reserved


COASTAL VISION Raleigh, North Carolina

From Raleigh NC. Sounds Like Anxiety and Harmony

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Track Name: Brother
I know I've been answering her phone and questioning her thoughts of me.
And Brother
don't you know that I don't wanna go when you shut that door on me

I beleive there is no other way with her

I know now it's my fault
All we've got is all that we know

Ive never sworn like a man,
never kept my word,
never learned to shake their hands
And Brother
don't you know these rooms are caving in but she's found a way to make it through the wall

I beleive there is no other way with her

I know now it's my fault
All we've got is all that we know

Wasted away. I thought there was no end with her
But I beleive in wills of other ways
If you'd come outside you know that you'd stay
You got me closed and cut me close
But don't I know you so well
So just stay right here or go

I know now it's my fault
All we've got is all that we know

When you got to know me so well
Well i never kiss and tell

Its not my fault that we are done
I think you should have won all along
I'll take back everything we said
You know we never did all along

When your on your own I dont want to know
(theyre calling out my name) and I dont want to go
I wont ever know
Track Name: I Still Do
Sarah says you're skipping town
But i lied when I said i dont want you around.
So she says "do you hate me now?"
but i wont wait for this debate to stay around

I don't mind. You wanna stay the night
I won't mind. I never have before
And now I miss you more

So she walks away
with an undertone to everything I say
So I try despratly to make her come inside now

I don't mind. You wanna stay the night
I won't mind. I never have before.
And Now I miss you more

It seems to be the only thing I want is what you've got
It's so hard to describe what goes on
Track Name: Safety Line
You say that we've seen it all
But I've never been to Montreal
And this window is in need of install
And now our Safety Line is starting to fall
you say that we need it all
so i wrote guidlines on a paper doll
but I know that you didnt read at all
'cause you're still texting me from a bathroom stall

Falling down. My heart pounds with nothing to talk about
we're not the same things have changed
And things do change, but my heart remains, you know that im not the same.

You say that its just no use
and is there anything you wont refuse
and you say that i made an excuse
when i followed her to Syracuse

Now even though she got it
you know you still want it
but treason is a poision
and I know what you after
with all these things that I've done
And I wont let you fall away

And Im sorry for the mess I left on your table
I'm sorry for the scratches made on your wall.
Now I could speak if only I was able
Maybe I should just say nothing at all

And know I'm not sorry
And I no longer worry
Track Name: Matador
Angela, are you noticing all the signs you've never seen before
She says how could I attempt to lie my way out of this time
It's coming back around

Now oh its hard in times like these

Oh angel face where did your make up go?
You've become a vicious predator with your instincts toned
And our future turns to past in a picture flash and I dont think that I can go through this alone.

She says "Hey! oh, why did we go this route"
You're lingering on something that you've got youve got your finger wrapped around this time

All her words remain fresh in my mind
All I ever processed were my lies
All She ever told me goodbye
I just built a fortress up each time
Track Name: We Go Out
I am listing all the things I never said
And I wish you luck with your new boy
In a few days he'll be asking what I did
as you begin to wonder why you're bored

'Cause we go out!
We make a lifetime out of stone
And we know now that our steps cut to the bone
So when you wake up and you feel that you're alone
we'll just laugh at your chaprone

Please forgive the words I wish i never said
Diction won't feed your apetite
If you only knew what could just lye ahead
And I am growing impatient to sit tight

'Cause we go out!
and we never take our time
and we spill out cliche's like my life is on the line
and you're listening
i wish never found this venom in your wealth
but good ol' John can hold it down himself

'Cause we go out and we take no chances except for you and oh dont you wish I had come earlier to your rescue. And I'm not jsut saying sorry to put rest your troubled mine. Because honestly, I lied every time

I am listing all the things Ive always said
It was only time 'till I got mine.
Track Name: Are You Anxious?
You start to breathe and your heart stops
and you taste the air
There's a flavor there that you don't remember
overtakes your taste
tighten up your waste
so you dont strain to recognize those eyes
subliminal lies she told you everytime

I wonder how we're supposed to get over and get out when this is done. You're having fun
My mind is so far gone. Breath escapes my chest
Convuslions never rest and I just lie all the time and wonder why

Strike down
here comes the pitch and I strike out
Too hard to hit and I wash out
I turn away

Shut out
another door slams and I shut down
stretching out my tounge until I come around
and I'm okay

Oh you know girl you've got to let me go
Oh you know boy that I won't let you go
Tell me how you want it to be
Take it easy on me
And I think you should know
That lately I've been feeling sorry
take it easy on me and I just want to know
Are You Anxious?
and I could write a book about it.

Sometimes when the city's on fire
and I can't get no water
and the memories burn
my stomach starts to turn
ghost in my inside
anxiety resides
but i'm too tall to lose it all
I won't forget at all

They say variaties provides a way
a place for you to come and stay
but just today
Tommorow dissapears
your fears will make you weak
I run so I don't sleep
Catch up in dreams.
They're all in mine all the time

And Oh God! How could I speak with such anger!?
Treat her like an enemy stranger
and walk away
All our secrets we're keeping
all our moments of weeping
were all staged
I walk away

(repeat chorus)

Sometimes when my heart is beating
It spreads cold blood up through my fingertips
and you say I'm holding your hand backwards.
And I know
I was wrong when I called you Tuesday
and then Wednesday night we were up fighting
and you hit so hard
when you project your fist through the phone
So now you cutback on all of your spending
and you regret all the things we said
and you wish I never had to exist
So then we Burn down all of the bridges that we built to eachothers houses and we say so long to our naive childhood

Boy they say you'll be a man someday
all you gotta do is a find a way
to make the ladies stay
found out everything i've been after
life is not one chapter
you gotta write a book

oh you know NOW im dead.